TimewiseIt gives visibility to those institutions, business, products and services that are doing patient centricity and the consumer/patient experience well from the patient and/or consumer perspective.

I believe “Time” is life. Life is about what you do in the time you have. I think we can all agree, we would want more quality in our lives and we would want to use our minutes, hours, days and years as much as possible, wisely.Many of us do like to waste our time. Wasting time is wasting life.  Hence the term: timewise.

So, who are the leaders that are timewise? As we look in the health care space, many government bodies recognize the value of time too. It has been interpreted as waiting time. There are many business leaders that claim to have excellent consumer experience as part of their offering.Then from the consumer perspective, the natural questions that follow are, “Who and where are they doing this well?”  “What does this look like from a consumer perspective?” Transparency in patient centricity and consumer experience is what timewiseIt is all about.  Who is doing “It” well? Who should have the stamp of “#timewiseit” and who should not, “#timewisenot”. Let the consumer decide.

So join in the conversation and let us know!

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